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- No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls (lostlonleychild)
- Still Not Getting Any (purple_punkage)


Chuck Clothes
- Pink watch (purple_punkage)

Chuck Parts
- Eyes (doctorfumbles)
- Face (bailey_bil)
- Lips (babyblue_gurl31)
- Smile (xwannabapopstrx)

Chuck Quotes
- "Are you talking about my penis?" (doctorfumbles)

Chuck Things
- Chuck's bead bracelet (rm_riotgirl23)
- Chuck's drum sticks (_vamppyro_)
- Chuck's hug (ktg_is_weird_08)

- St. Pete, FL on November 10, 2004 (ktg_is_weird_08)

David Clothes
- Calligraphy "D" wrist band (purple_punkage)
- Glasses (rfr_geek)
- Pink Letter Kills shirt (princesstwin312)
- Slut shirt (doralova7)
- Sweatervest (lady_of_troy)
- Tight black pants (xfridayxnitex)
- The Used wrist band (purple_punkage)
- White beanie worn during 'Happy Together' recording (conceited_child)

David Parts
- Ass (xxloserkid07xx)
- Boots (xmeanttolive021)
- Eyes (rfr_geek)
- Face (pip_kiltyeah)
- Emo Hair (onepunkymisfit)
- Lip Ring (xfridayxnitex)
- Lips (purple_punkage)
- Nose Ring (purple_punkage)
- Red Eyeliner (matzahwoman)
- Short Mohawk Hair (xo__brokensmile)

David Quotes
- "Guys! What the heck!?" (princesstwin312)
- "I'm up and running as they say" (rm_riotgirl23)
- "I've got the bubble-jet right where my penis is, and it feels great" (xxloserkid07xx)

David Things
- David's bass (simplywas13)
- David's bass with the Green Day sticker (hopelsslyinlove)
- David's dance from Still Not Getting Any (xmeanttolive021)
- David's eye make-up (rfr_geek)
- David's zebra guitar strap (short_n_cute87)
- David's zebra rug (matzahwoman)

DVD Chapters

- Still Not Getting Any (little_cut)

Jeff Clothes

Jeff Parts
- Ass in the convenince store (little_cut)
- Sexy bald head (noise5kisses)

Jeff Quotes

- Automatic Hair Spiker (kjeelnlnyi)
- David in the baggage terminal, with Chucks bag (doralova7)
- Davids water scene on A Big Package For You (mrsdes)
- Learning With Simple Plan (leggybowtwanger)
- Pierre's Australian Puppet Dance (leggybowtwanger)
- Pierre's YMCA moment on the Still Not Getting Any DVD (crow_salvation)
- Sebastien dancing in convenience store (asiansays)

Music videos
- I'm Just A Kid (_theperfectplan)
- Perfect (onepunkymisfit)
- Shut Up! (purple_punkage)
- Welcome To My Life (__takeitallaway)

Patrick Clothes

Patrick Parts

Patrick Quotes

Pierre Clothes
- Boxers (sourlemonwater)
- Black Sunnies from the filming of Welcome to my Life (conceited_child)
- Role Model angel shirt (sp4lifemeg9)
- Role Model shirt from 'I'm Just A Kid' (purple_punkage)
- White underwear from his soundcheck moment on Big Package (simplywas13)

Pierre Parts
- Abs (bootyful_pierre)
- Ass (star_struked)
- Blonde Hair (bootyful_pierre)
- Eyes (hott4pierre)
- Nose (__takeitallaway)
- Package (simpleplan_999)
- Smile (hott4pierre)
- Spikey Black Hair (_theperfectplan)
- Voice (kjeelnlnyi)

Pierre Quotes
- "David is a hobo, not a homo, a hobo" (purple_punkage)
- "Don't drink from the fountain" (lady_of_troy)
- "Get naked and have puppies" (star_struked)
- "Someone threw me a thong and I'm oddly turned on" (short_n_cute87)

Pierre Things
- Pierre's sexyness (gc_rocks_04)

Sebastien Clothes
- Man-Of-The-Hour 'I'm Someone Else' shirt (sp4lifemeg9)

Sebastien Parts
- Dorky-ness (kristalee)
- Eyes (simpleplan_999)
- Face (pip_kiltyeah)
- Hair with teal stripes (asiansays)
- Smile (kristalee)

Sebastien Quotes
- "When there's no top on the bus, it's windy" (babyblue_gurl31)

Sebastien Things
- Sebastien's accent (mrsdes)
- Sebastien's guitar with all the stickers (hopelsslyinlove)
- Sebastien's SP tattoo (noise5kisses)

- Addicted (_vamppyro_)
- Crazy (sourlemonwater)
- Grow Up (crow_salvation)
- I'd Do Anything (gc_rocks_04)
- Jump (anaalicia)
- Me Against The World (purple_punkage)
- Meet You There (xwannabapopstrx)
- One Day (anaalicia)
- Promise (sp4lifemeg9)
- Thank You (lostlonleychild)
- Welcome To My Life (xo__brokensmile)
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