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I met Simple Plan AGAIN

I just thought I'd share this with everyone...

So last year I went and saw Simple Plan with my friends; Tracey and Natalie to celebrate my 20th birthday. And I met them.

This year I went and saw them with Sheila to celebrate my 21st birthday. Yeah, I saw them saturday...and today is my birthday.

I fucking met them AGAIN. And this time...I got my picture taken with them. Anyway...details...

Okay so we got to the Fox Theatre at like 4:30ish or 5. We got lost in Detroit for like 45 minutes which was why we were so much later arriving. Coming out of the parking garage, I was telling Sheila something and not watching where I was going. I slipped in something discusting and slimy and yellow. It looked like barf. So this black homeless guy walks up to me and points and yells "That's from the sewer. You could get money for that. You should sue! You should sue!" I was like "No thanks. Today's a happy day. There will be no suing." And I walked off gagging. That was gross. And I had the mysterious stains on my ass until we could get inside.

There was this dude who was doing a drawing to meet the band and get backstage. So both Sheila and I entered. He was going to draw out 12 names and each person called got to bring a friend. I was the last person called. I basically jumped 5 feet ahead and yelled "HOLY FREAKING SHIT!", and then I proceeded to correct the guy's pronunciation of my name. He said it was Mar-LAH-nuh. When really my name is pronounced Mar-LAY-nuh. So we argued about it for a minute which was fun.

When the doors opened Sheila and I went into the restroom so I could remove the mystery goo from my ass. The we got our seats and watched Paramore. The were pretty good. I was falling asleep though cuz I'd only had 4 and a half hours of sleep the night before (the first time I went to see SP, I'd only had 3 hours of sleep so I've no clue why I was more tired this time).

Plain White T's came on. I was so fecking excited. I LOVE them. It was cool seeing them again. I've seen them 3 times already. Tom Higgenson is such a nice guy. Anyway, yeah I was totally feeling it. But we didn't get to see their whole set. We had to go off to the bathroom to touch up our makeup and hair. So dammit, I didn't get to see the band do "Take Me Away". But I was excited to see them do "Breakdown" and "All That We Needed".

Sheila and I went off to the lobby at 8:00 to meet up with the box dude (he was the one who did the drawing), and the other winners. We were escorted down this hall, to the side of the stage. We got to watch Straylight Run from there. They seemed good. I saw Tom Higgenson like 5 feet away from me talking to this little kid, so I didn't disturb him.

Like twenty minutes later we were taken backstage. I saw Pierre, David, Jeff, Seb, and Chuck standing off to the side. So Sheila and I walked to the wall with everyone. Basically the guys just started off at different points of the line to say hi and sign autographs.

I talked to Pierre first. I basically told him I love Damage Control and that I got my parents and cousins addicted to it. He laughed and was like "really? awesome. Thanks." I was like "You're welcome". He signed my ticket stub and shook my hand.

I talked to Seb for a couple minutes. It was cute how he introduced himself as Sebastien, when he usually introduces himself as Seb. I thought it was cute. Although while he was signing my ticket stub it occured to me how much he looks like my cousin Kay's husband; Mike. Almost told him, but held back. That could have been awkward.

I talked to David next. Good god, that guy is freaking skinny. (The guys look different when they're standing then when they're sitting - but thats a given). He asked how I was and said I said fine and I asked him blah blah blah. Got my stub signed, shook his hand. What happened next was really...funny. He goes to Sheila and smiled. He asked her name and she told him...he leaned closer to her more than nessesary (I mean they are literally the same heighth, so he didn't need to do this), and totally grinned at her and said really low. "I like your name. It's really pretty. Unique." OMG! Sheila is not the kinda girl to get shy. And she will flirt right back. But she was fucking SHOCKED off her ass. She did this hilarious little giggle and stuttered "thank you.". I'm elbowing her the entire time like "Sheila you idiot! Say something! Do you have any idea how many chicks would kill to get hit on by David Desroseris?". Too funny. I knew the whole time Sheila was going to get hit on by someone in the band. I just didn't know who. And I was RIGHT.

Met Jeff next. He asked how I was and I told him I was doing great. I asked him how he was while he was signing my ticket stub and he said to Sheila and I "I'm fine. Tired. But I'll be okay." I shook his hand and took my ticket stub and he talked to Sheila for a second while he signed hers.

I met Chuck last. And this embarrasing mishaps. He asked me for my name and said "Hey Marlana (I'm going to sound so teeny-ish, but I LOVE how he said my name. LMAO). I'm Chuck." He shook my hand. I bit back a squeal. I have self control :) He asked how I was and I said I was doing great and asked him (I'm so polite). He said he was great. he gave me my ticket stub back and said "It was nice to meet you." I said "thanks. you too. bye."

So the guys walked over to the corner to take pics and while Sheila and I were in line waiting for our turn, I'm mumbling under my breath "Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit!" Sheila's grinning at me. I'm like "David totally hit on you and all you could do was giggle." Sheila's like "I don't know what to do."

So it got to our turn to take our picture with them (It's in the pics so go look). I ended up between Pierre and Chuck. Pierre gave me a hug. And then both Pierre and Chuck had their hands resting on my lower back. I could have giggled but again I played it cool. Sheila was between Pierre and Jeff. So when the pic got taken the guys said "bye ladies." We said bye, and went and added our emails to some piece of paper for something cant remember.

David came behind us and was talking in French to someone. I think was Chuck. Wasn't paying attention to who he was talking to I was just listening to David. I've never heard anyone speaking french. In Michigan you're more likely to hear someone speaking Spanish or Arabic then you are going to hear someone speaking in French. It was interesting. The said bye to everyone.

Sheila and I went to our seats to wait for the guys to get onstage.

The opened with "Shut Up". I was totally into it. There were so many highlights of the show. I can't think of anything particular.

1). Chuck left the stage and went up to the 2nd balcony, can't remember for what. But he just appeared their and high fived some fans and then went back to the stage.

2). David and Pierre moaning during the stop part of "Thank You". After the moaning Pierre yelled something along the lines of "Detroit, will you cum with us!" Um....sure. That was great. Couldn't stop laughing.

3). Pierre was cute introducing "Promise". It was something like "this is for the girls with men who don't take care of them." Yeah...I love this band.

4). I loved the rap medley Pierre did. "Drop It like It's Hot" was included in it.

5). Okay...nudity at a Simple Plan show is interesting. There were these 4 people. Two guys in their boxers and two girls standing in their panties and bras and one of the girls looked like she was about to take her bra off. To which Pierre was telling them to put their clothes back on, and make some crack. Heh.

6). They performed "Perfect World" which is rare for them to do. And that is one of my FAVE songs.

7). These guys would not stop RAVING about how gorgeous the Fox Theatre is. David was like "There is NOTHING like this is Montreal." I don't blame them. I almost fell over when I first walked into the venue. It's amazing.

8). These people came down from Miami to which the guys gave shout outs to the hurricane victims.

9). Their equipment is in Cancun. The guys said their management wanted them to cancel their show here because of it, but instead they wanted to come here even though they're missing some of their equipment. How sweet. And they were talking alot about their shows here. Particularly about their first 99 cent show at The Shelter which is one of their fave places to play in.

But probably one of the other big things for me is Sheila LOVES them now. She listens to mostly rap music and its hard to get her into other stuff but she loves them now. So we're going to see about seeing them in either London or Toronto, Canada in december. Doubt it will happen but its a maybe. She does want to see them again.

Earlier before we left she'd called asking if it would be okay to leave the show early to avoid traffic and I said we would see. By the last song she wasn't saying anything about leaving at all. She was totally into them doing "Perfect" so I wasn't about to say anything. When we got in the car she was like "When are we going to see them again?" She LOVES them now. I knew she would. Although...not surprisingly she thinks Pierre is hot. LOL.

That whole day was so fucking memorable. So my 21st birthday has been better then my 20th. I wasn't so sure anything would top that until september when I got my tickets to see them again. I knew then the 21st b'day would be better cuz I knew I'd meet them again. Danielle was right about it always.

Well gotta go. I'm going to best buy to spend the rest of my birthday money.

And here is the picture....

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